Designed with the student in mind

Students starting out are often confused by the specialized language of architecture, design and construction. Coming to terms with the meaning of the terms in the industry is an essential part of becoming a professional and learning the necessary skills of communication.

We have developed this book with you in mind, offering a wide range of terms you are likely to be confronted with, over 20 000 in all, with clear unambiguous definitions, full cross referencing and over 4000 line illustrations.

Because many of the terms in this book can also be found listed under headwords, and are also referenced to illustrations laid out in the same systematic way, the Dictionary of Architecture and Building Construction is essentially a handbook of concepts, an invaluable study aid which will familiarize the student with the extensive discipline of architecture and the built environment.

The bank of illustrations has been designed to encompass all aspects of the profession and lead the student through the various subjects involved, starting with materials and products, through building methods and components, tools and building types, giving an overview of historical archetypes, styles, ornamental motifs and technical drawing. Because the illustrations are arranged by subject, it can also be seen as useful source book and design resource showing similar items within distinct topics.

In particular, the book will be of benefit to those students using English as a foreign language, those studying or working abroad or involved in international student forums, for whom the clear definitions and illustrations will be invaluable in shedding light on unfamiliar words and concepts.